Our Toys

Floorcraft: Arena is our first matterless digital toy, a hovercar that drives around on any solid surface. Make your own rules and race with your friends, or bump and crash into each other to win!

Jump into a shared AR session by scanning a QR code to turn your table, desk, or floor into a racing arena instantly!

Rightful Ruler

Rightful Ruler is a set of AR streaming tools that aims to make tabletop wargaming accessible and exciting for everyone.

Rightful Ruler brings augmented reality measurements and annotations to the battlefield, allowing players and spectators to see and understand the action in real time.

Ranges, auras, potential movement, and maneuvers are now visible to all participants,  having the rich world you’ve been imagining projected directly onto the battlefield for everyone to see.

The goal is to make tabletop gaming a true spectator sport and bring it into a matterless future.

Gear up and get ready to take on the ultimate fighting challenge in Floorcraft: Blasters.

A new shared AR toy lets you blast your opponents with lasers as you dodge and weave your way around them and massive obstacles!

Transform any surface into a battleground, place obstacles you can take cover behind, and challenge your friends to snipe and dodge your way to victory with a powerful laser-blaster that can take down your opponents with deadly precision.

The battle is on – scan in and let’s go!


Meet Incos, your digital companion brought to life through augmented reality.

With Incos, you can spawn your pet on any flat surface and watch it interact with the world around it. Use your hand to pet and tease it, point your finger to show it where to go, and play fetch with it. The Inco explores, learns, and discovers the world alongside you, and each one has unique reactions, needs, wants, and desires, making each experience one-of-a-kind.

Play and train to form lasting bonds with your digital pet, and share the fun with friends in real time!

Matterless Treehouse

At the heart of Treehouse, you’ll find our guiding design principles: accessibility, collaboration, and creativity. We’re building a toybox of shared AR experiences that empowers users to bring their imagination to life and connect with others in new and exciting ways.

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