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Sharing Can Augment Your Reality.

Join the world's first truly social AR experience!

Play, train, and form lasting bonds with a wide range of digital creatures. Share the adventure with your friends in real-time!

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How It Works

Matterless is built using Auki Labs patented shared AR technology

3 simple steps that take seconds to get you and your friends in the same shared space.

  • App Icon Step One

    Step 1

    Press the ‘share’ button within the Matterless app.

  • App Icon Step Two

    Step 2

    Have your friend scan your AR QR Code.

  • App Icon Step Three

    Step 3

    Enjoy your seamless shared AR experience!

Matterless In The Wild

(Companions displayed are artistic representations, a work in progress, and currently do not reflect the final result of the Matterless app.)

Metafauna Architects

Meet the team behind the screen.

Humans want to nurture and see things grow, it's just how we are built. At Matterless we chose to harness that impulse, combine it with augmented reality, and create an outlet for our need to love and connect.

This is why we are building virtual companions for the future - we are on a mission to use AR to paint your life spaces with love!

  • Nils


    CEO & Founder

  • Damir



  • Santeri


    Head of Operations​

  • Jason


    Head Game Designer / Product Owner​

  • Andreas


    Senior Unity Engineer​

  • Charlie


    Creative Director

  • Shuning


    Senior Backend Engineer

  • Ondrej


    Senior Backend Engineer

  • Saranya


    Full Stack Engineer

  • JD


    Senior Unity Engineer

  • Howard


    Unity Engineer

  • Ted


    Auki Labs CTO & Founder

  • Antonio


    Concept Artist

  • Dusko


    Senior Sound Engineer/Sound Producer

  • Andy


    Auki Labs Engineer

  • Agnes


    Head of HR

  • Jacques


    Community Manager

  • Nils


    CEO & Founder

  • Damir



  • Santeri


    Head of Operations​

  • Jason


    Head Game Designer / Product Owner​

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Our Great Partners

People who believe in our vision for the future.

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Frequently Asked

What Are Digital Spirits?

Born from the billions of digital interactions produced by our daily lives, matterless creatures are emerging out of the primordial soup of our data. These digital spirits are housed in animal bodies.

Each companion contains a unique digital spirit, with its own developing personality and set of traits. As you spend time training your companion, it will get to know you better, and change according to your care.

Companion spirits are not embodied by default, and you can always choose to house your spirit in a new body. When a spirit is transferred to a new body it retains its personality, experience and traits.

What Are Bodies and Shells?

Bodies are available in both common, rare, and unique formats, and are either procedurally generated or handcrafted by a designer.

Dozens of different animal types will be supported and will be behaviorally cross-compatible. If you’ve taught your companion to sit in a wolf body, it will also know to sit if you turn it into a raccoon.

The bodies have customizable features, bone length and body mass, allowing us to randomly generate unique variants at a low cost.

The bodies are animated, rigged, and interact with the world around it and other pets.

Matterless Studios Is Building The Future Of Digital Relationships.

Matterless Studios is an augmented reality studio building the future of digital relationships. We are excited to open a portal to realms of virtual animal companions embodied in AR. To help build new friendships with state-of-the-art technology, we are transmuting outlets for human love, nurture, and creativity.

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